Google wants to BUILD your new TV!

Well, they at least are evidently going to start working with Sony and the rumor is Intel on a new TV that they want to act as an entertainment hub for your living room.  Here are gadgetlounge we think that makes a lot of sense.  We’ve had a pretty powerful computer hooked up to our living room tv for a quite awhile. 

Google TV or perhaps “G-TV” will use the Android OS and may have a set-top box and an actual TV.  In addition to regular tv, it will have lots of other functions that you would expect like Hulu, YouTube and other web-video sources, as well as games and apps for social networking.  Google is of course interested in order to add some advertising to your tv.  They own a few resources in that area so far, but this could serve as a big push.  Let’s see how Apple responds . . .




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