Coolest New iPhone Cases 2013

Okay, the two coolest cases we’ve seen around CES 2013 so far this year are the new impact resistant case from Tech 21 and the “process” that Liquipel puts your phone through so you can drop that baby in the toilet and never even wince (well, maybe you would wince a little). These two cases [...]

Desktop Gadgets

This seemed like a great desktop gadget to put in the home office.  When it comes to mixing the old and new, restoration hardware does a pretty nice job.  We thought this was a pretty neat idea — mixing the old gramophone with an ipod or ipad.  We can’t determine if this model works with [...]

iphone 4g

Gizmodo Scoops New Iphone 4G

If you haven’t heard, Gizmodo indeed got an advanced version of the new iphone.  Evidently, someone from Apple accidentally left it in a bar.  Someone found it and offered it to Gizmodo . . . for a price — $5,000 USD.  Supposedly, Gizmodo has earned over 10mm hits from this little purchase, so it is [...]

Hey Blackberry . . . We are Eyeing the iPhone!

Accoding to Crowd Science nearly 40% of Blackberry users may move to Apple’s iPhone in the near future. Also troubling for Blackberrry is that a third of them would also consider switching to the Android operating system ala Google.  When asked specifically if they’d swap their present phone for Google’s new Android-based Nexus One, 32% of Blackberry users [...]