Google wants to BUILD your new TV!

Well, they at least are evidently going to start working with Sony and the rumor is Intel on a new TV that they want to act as an entertainment hub for your living room.  Here are gadgetlounge we think that makes a lot of sense.  We’ve had a pretty powerful computer hooked up to our [...]

MSNBC Reporter Kills Paris Hilton Story – Becomes Internet Sensation

A lighter and paper shredder helped make Mika Brzezinski the “symbol of television journalism’s guilt trip” about Paris Hilton. Brzezinski used both to destroy a script calling for her to read about Hilton’s release from jail on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program recently. Part serious, part an act, it has become an Internet sensation. More than [...]

YouTube Live Today on Apple TV

Good news for Apple TV and the iPhone. Starting today, Apple TV owners can start watching YouTube content on their TV sets. YouTube content will also be available to the iPhone when it officially launches on June 29th. Apple TV users can download a free update via the built-in software update option to enable a [...]

Security Bugs in Safari for Windows

It’s been an interesting few days for Apple and their Safari web browser. On Monday, Apple released a PC version of Safari 3 (beta) at the 2007 Worldwide Developers Conference. But within a few hours, Internet security specialists and hackers had uncovered several bugs capable of crashing the Windows operating system as well as a [...]

YouTube Coming to Apple TV

Wish you could watch YouTube videos on your Apple TV? Sometime in June, all Internet connected Apple TV boxes will accept a free software patch that will enable wireless streaming of YouTube videos. YouTube is making thousands of clips available each week until thier full catalog is accessible later this fall. You’ll be able browse [...]

Google Adds Facial Recognition to Image Search

It looks like Google’s 2006 acquisition of Neven Vision, a company specializing in facial recognition software, is finally starting to pay off. Google Blogoscoped, a blog dedicated to everything related to Google, got a tip from a Google engineer that Google had secretly added some facial recognition abilities to its image search this week. The [...]

Animated Google Korea Page

Google has launched a new home page for Korea that departs from Google’s “classic,” minimalist home page approach. The new look features animated product buttons below the search box and will become the default home page in the country, a move Google is comfortable with given the near universal presence of broadband. The new, animated [...]

Google Universal Search

This past Wednesday, Google unveiled a new “universal search” function that integrates text, photos, video, news, scanned books and blogs in a single list of results. The search engine will automatically check Google Video’s archive and allow users to click on a “watch video’ link that will embed the video right on the search results [...]

Presidental Hopefuls Meet Googlers

The Google Interview could become the 21st-century equivalent of the candidate’s pilgrimage to the General Motors plant. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was first, in February, followed by McCain on Friday. The company has extended invitations to all the major candidates and expects more campaign appearances in coming weeks. “I like to think of (seeking) the [...]

New Spinal Tap Sequel Free Online

Director Rob Reiner has created a fifteen minute sequel to his mockumentary classic This is Spinal Tap. While the short film was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, it won’t be released in theaters any time soon. It is available, however, online. The sequel is part of an effort to raise money for [...]

Did MySpace Buy Photobucket

Talk about a love/hate relationship. It looks like the high-profile feud between MySpace and Photobucket might have jump-started a romance between the two companies. MySpace’s move to block content from Photobucket originally got the two parties together in the same room. After that, the two companies stopped fighting with each other and started talking about [...]

Google Maps Darfur Atrocities

Google is using its popular online mapping service to draw attention to atrocities in the Darfur region of Sudan. In a joint effort with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Google has updated its Google Earth application (free download here) with high resolution satellite images and special icons to draw attention to destroyed villages, displaced people [...]

Google acquire DoubleClick

Google has announced a definitive agreement to acquire DoubleClick Inc., for $3.1 billion in cash from San Francisco-based private equity firm Hellman & Friedman along with JMI Equity and management. Many companies were vying for control of DoubleClick such as Microsoft. Google has identified a number of advantages such as: ?¢‚Ǩ¬¢ For users, the combined [...]