Google wants to BUILD your new TV!

Well, they at least are evidently going to start working with Sony and the rumor is Intel on a new TV that they want to act as an entertainment hub for your living room.  Here are gadgetlounge we think that makes a lot of sense.  We’ve had a pretty powerful computer hooked up to our [...]

The Technology Behind the First Live Broadcast from the North and South Poles

When considering some of the most extreme environments on the planet, surely Antarctica, one of the coldest, driest and windiest places on earth (average temp of -56?Ǭ? F) comes to mind. Now imagine trying to conduct a live TV broadcast there. Sounds crazy right? My Direct-TV dish can’t even get a clear signal when it’s [...]

YouTube Coming to Apple TV

Wish you could watch YouTube videos on your Apple TV? Sometime in June, all Internet connected Apple TV boxes will accept a free software patch that will enable wireless streaming of YouTube videos. YouTube is making thousands of clips available each week until thier full catalog is accessible later this fall. You’ll be able browse [...]

How NOT to Ship a HDTV

The person who packed up and shipped this TV must have been a professional… idiot. They might as well have shipped this HDTV using bowling balls or, I dunno, hammers as padding. For future reference, here’s a photo tutorial on how NOT to ship a Plasma or LCD HDTV. More Photos: How NOT to Ship [...]

Earl is Baby Cooking Crazy

In the May 10th season finale of American sitcom My Name is Earl, Joy’s future lays in the hands of deaf lawyer as her trial finally arrives. It’s “baby cooking crazy”! Videos by NBC | More VMIX videos View more Funny videos | Embed this video BeSocial: vmix | methodshop

ESPN Producing Gascasts for GSTV

Wish you could get sports scores while you are gassing up your car? According to LA, now you can. ESPN, the American sports news network, announced a partnership with Gas Station TV (GSTV) to provide 45-second broadcasts for thousands of TV screens located at gas pumps across the United States. “It’s another opportunity for [...]

Top 10 Awkward TV Interviews

Maybe it’s something in the air. Maybe they were just having a bad day. Or maybe it was the handful of painkillers they swallowed moments before going on air (right Paula?). But whatever the explanation, weird, awkward interviews seem to be occurring at an ever more frequent rate. The website Double Viking has gathered the [...]

Apple Asks Video Podcasters to Increase Quality

Last week Apple sent out an email (screenshot courtesy of to video podcasters asking them to increase the quality of their productions and start formatting their videos for the big screen. Since the launch of the Apple TV (full review here) in March, Apple TVs have been selling like hotcakes and video podcast subscription [...]

Sony Adds TV Shows to iTunes

Last week Sony Pictures Television made its programming available for the first time in Apple’s iTunes Store (US). Episodes from current shows “‘Til Death” and “Rules of Engagement” as well as from classic series including “Starsky & Hutch,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “NewsRadio” were added to iTunes’ offerings for $1.99 each. Season 1 from Spiderman, the [...]

Apple TV Shipping

I got an email from Apple this morning at 4 A.M.. Guess my Apple TV is on its way. And it looks like they gave me a discount. I only got charged $281. It’s listed for $299 on I pre-ordered my Apple TV the day it was announced. Maybe I got the discount because [...]

TiVo CEO Promises Cheap HD TiVo

Think paying $800 for a Series3 HD TiVo box without service is insane? You are not alone. Consumers weren’t exactly excited about coughing up that much $$$ for the Series3 and TiVo sales have slumped. In fact, TiVo just reported a Q4 net loss of $18.7 million. With products like Apple TV and a Windows [...]