Cool Gadgets

Our relentless pursuit of cool gadgets never ends.  We are always out there my friends, looking for what inspires us and you.  Thus far, we feel like 2013 is showing a lot of promise on the gadgets front.  This is less of a gadget, than it is just a cool advancement in flash drive storage [...]

New Home Automation Products That Won’t Break the Bank – 2013

Like you, we’ve always wanted to trick out our home in full automation mode — just like that girl’s apartment in Total Recall.  You know what we are talking about.  Anyway, we think the WeMo SMART is a very cool new release from Belkin to make this a reality.  You can retrofit these into an [...]

Latest Gadgets

Track that luggage baby! You have to respect this type of technology.  It is one of the latest gadgets that we really dig.  It comes to you from TrakDot ( ) and it is mighty nifty.  You can link it with your mobile phone (and your girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, Mom’s, Dad’s, the ice cream man’s [...]

Gadgets for 2013

We were just wondering where the world of gadgets will take us in 2013 . . . if you were wondering the same thing as you start digging for news on CES 2013 in Vegas and the like, then let’s take a look together. We thought that this new little beauty by leapmotion seemed one [...]

police officers on the job and looking good

Gadget Lounge, Wry Media and the BioLite CampStove

Gadget Lounge works with the team at Wry Media from time to time.  We like their office, which you can see a picture of here: We think you will agree that they keep things sparse, but fair.  Gotta keep it fair.  We always say that if you keep things fair, that everything else in life [...]

How to make homemade spy gadgets . . .

Any thougts in this area?  Seems like an interesting topic to discuss amongst ourselves.  Comments welcome.  Let’s see who has some intersting insight.

Gadgets and Small Home Entertainment Centers

One of the most fascinating new types of gadgets on the market is the portable video device. Portable video devices are also called portable media devices and sometimes portable entertainment devices, and are direct descendants of the MP3 player. In addition to the digital audio that MP3 players could provide, portable video devices can play [...]

From the U.K. it is Learned that MI5 bugged Downing Street for Over 14 years

Pretty interesting and worth a read (if they keep the link active of course) . . . Read more on Daily Mirror


Flying Alarms Clocks!

This is pretty cool. These types of gadgets make great gifts because no one expects them at all. We really had not considered a flying alarm clock before this, but hey, anything is possible — clearly. When it is time to rise and shine, you can not procrastinate with this little baby in the room. [...]