How to Easily Find Your Car in a Parking Lot!

Are you one of those people that just can’t remember where you parked your car?  Well, the Kensington Proximo is a great new gadget to help you out.  All you have to do is leave one of the sensors you see below in your car and your smart phone will link to it and show [...]

Driverless Buses to be available by 2010

A state-of-the-art driverless bus was unveiled at the Science Museum this week and its designers claim that the bus will cut air pollution, traffic congestion and money. The driverless bus of ?¢‚Ǩ?ìpod?¢‚Ǩ¬ù will allow passengers to hail it via their mobile phones. It saves energy by running as a hybrid of electric and biofuel and [...]

Mercedes with Backseat iMac

Perhaps there should be a German version of the popular MTV show Pimp My Ride. German car customizer Mattes Interieurtechnik built a Mercedes CLS with an integrated backseat iMac. Mattes even carefully covered the outer edge of the iMac in leather to help it blend in with the cream colored interior. Where are the cables? [...]

More On The Lexus i-Car.

You might remember in February that we mentioned the Mac Mini Lexus or the i-Car. Well Mario, the owner has been gracious enough to update us with some new really cool photos. He’s made the modification even sweater! I moved the Pioneer flip screen to the glove box and installed a custom touch screen. The [...]

The Mac Mini Lexus.

Not only has this guy got a Mac Mini, he’s got a Lexus. What better way to enjoy them both than to mount the Mini into the car. For more info there is a short interview at What parts did you use? A Mac mini 1.42GHz and Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. I use [...]

Blingin’ In The Rain.

Either, VW has added some very special effects to Gene Kelly’s performance in Singing in the Rain for their new Golf GTI advert, or we now know why Michael Jackson has had all that plastic surgery over the years. The dancers wore prosthetic face masks and wigs and were filmed many times to replicate as [...]

Robosapien, Not Just Bad Spam.

Every geeks dream is to gain 10″, and here’s your chance. Wowwee, creator of the Robosapien has announced, at CES, the ever cleverly named Robosapien V2. Robosapein V2 is fully controllable and programmable by remote control and fully autonomous in free-roam mode. He brings the fluid movement and biomechanical agility of Robosapien to a whole [...]

A Running Honda ASIMO Robot.

I’m sure if we were engineers at Honda working on the ASIMO robot project we’d be really spooked out by this guy running. Surely you’d have conversations with one. That or try and flip up the face plate to see who was in the suit. Check out the video of one running at 3 km/h. [...]

Segway Comes To Australia.

SplaTT, aka Mike Stanic the co-podcaster of G’day World, points out that Segway has come to Australia. According to Gizmag, Segway Southern Cross has been appointed an exclusive Australian distributor. You can order your very own one by slapping down $AU500 deposit, and they’ll try their darndest to get you one by Christmas. For those [...]

Flying Microrobots.

Microrobots that fly around in James-Bond-esque espionage style are just on the horizon. Seiko Epson Corporation announced they’ve updated their mini helicopter to be lighter and to operate without wires. It also has imaging that can transmit via Bluetooth. Imagine this extension to your smart phone. With a height of 85mm, width of 136mm and [...]

Motorised Bushpig.

This one isn’t new, but given we’re aussie, and so are the makers, we felt compelled to write a post. Now, in High School I wouldn’t have wanted to have a bushpig, but hell today, I’d love to get my hands on one. Wheelman have made a wheel without an axle, that just happens to [...]