Gadgets and Small Home Entertainment Centers

One of the most fascinating new types of gadgets on the market is the portable video device. Portable video devices are also called portable media devices and sometimes portable entertainment devices, and are direct descendants of the MP3 player. In addition to the digital audio that MP3 players could provide, portable video devices can play [...]

American Idol on iTunes

The biggest American reality show on TV has finally joined the iTunes platform. Fox Broadcasting, Fox Interactive Media and FremantleMedia signed an exclusive deal with Apple to bring American Idol audio and video performances to iTunes as single song-sized snippets available the day after they premiere on air. Audio performances of the top 24 contenders [...]

U2 Previews New Tracks for Joshua Tree on iLike

U2 used to post a video of Bono singing “Wave of Sorrow” while sitting on a couch. It’s a track that U2 demoed during sessions for The Joshua Tree in 1987. Just recently Bono laid down vocals for the song and it will be released for the first time next week on the remastered [...]

Bob Dylan’s 5 Best Albums

I was at my local bar the other night and someone asked me if I were ever to be stranded on a desert island and could only bring 5 Bob Dylan albums, which ones would I bring? I couldn’t answer him right away, and not because I had already had a good buzz after drinking [...]

Napster Mobile Coming to U.S.

AT&T is making Napster’s entire music catalog (5 million songs) available for direct-to-mobile purchase in mid-November via a new service called Napster Mobile. While not compatible with the iPhone, the catalog will be accessible via AT&T’s network for the price of $1.99/song or 5 tracks for $7.49. Matchbox Twenty’s new album “Exile on Mainstream” will [...]

Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album

Radiohead is making its newest album, In Rainbows, available online at whatever price point consumers feel they should pay for it. The 10-track album will be released as a digital download starting October 10th. The announcement was made online by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood. When users try to order In Rainbows on, they will [...]

iPod Nano Commercial with “1234″ Song

If you were watching any of the American football games this past Sunday, then you probably saw the new 3rd generation iPod Nano commercial. The ad features the upbeat and catchy song “1234″ by Canadian singer/songwriter Leslie Feist. Here are the lyrics to “1234″ used in the iPod Nano ad: One Two Three Four Tell [...]

Tearful Britney Fan Is a YouTube Hit

A tearful Britney Spears fan named Chris Crocker posted a passionate video called Leave Britney Alone! on YouTube after the pop star’s disastrous MTV Awards performance. Crocker’s video has become an instant YouTube hit and has gotten about 4 million views. In it, Crocker defends Britney’s widely-criticized performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on [...]

Wi-Fi iPods Expected

Though it is not official, those in the “know” say Apple is just hours away from announcing a new Wi-Fi enabled iPod designed to receive digital radio along with an option to buy content from the iTunes Store. It is not known whether the same functions will be included in the iPhone. Other rumors about [...]

Universal to test DRM

Vivendi’s Universal Music has said that it will run an experiment that will run August to January concerning selling digital sale of songs from artists without the customary copy-protection technology, DRM. They hope to look at factors such as consumer demand, price sensitivity as well as piracy. Most major recording studios insist music sellers use [...]

Apple Launches iTunes Plus

On Wednesday, Apple released an update to iTunes (US) that added DRM-free AAC music files to the iTunes Store. Dubbed iTunes Plus, the new version of iTunes will allow you to either download DRM (Digital Rights Management) files for the standard $0.99 or spend $1.29 on DRM-free songs. In addition to iTunes Plus, Apple added [...]

Beatles-iTunes Deal Imminent

According to Billboard magazine, a deal to make The Beatles’ back catalogue available for sale online with iTunes is “virtually settled.” Paul McCartney told Billboard, “I don’t want to pre-empt anything, but we’re well on the way to something happening there, which is very exciting.” Some reports say McCartney is rumored to be making over [...]

Toilet Tunes: iCarta iPod Dock Review

The bathroom. It’s one of the most important (and hopefully used) rooms of your home. So much so, that people usually add radios to their bathrooms and provide a soundtrack to their personal grooming and thinking. But isn’t this the iPod generation? Why just settle for a radio? The iCarta iPod dock lets you bring [...]

The SwiMP3 v2

The SwiMP3 v2 is an underwater MP3 player that can deliver an incredible audio experience. This MP3 player allows the user to listen to their favorite music underwater by using bone conduction of sound. The SwiMP3 transfers sound vibrations from the cheek bone to the inner ear to provide the swimmer with excellent sound clarity. [...]

The Journi portable speaker system for iPods

The Journi is a portable speaker system from Griffin that works with dock-connecting iPods. The Journi boasts a leather-like exterior shell that keeps your iPod out of harm’s way when it is not being used as a stand. The volume and power buttons are concealed by the rubberized sides. The Journi?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s battery offers up to [...]