New iPods, iMac due September 12

Planning on attending Apple Expo Paris? Looks like it might be a hot ticket this year. According to ThinkSecret, Apple will use a September 12 media event for Apple Expo Paris to introduce the 2G (second-generation) iPod nano, an updated 5G iPod, movies in the iTunes Store and an upgraded wall-mountable iMac. Although the “media [...]

Sony PSP-290 GPS Receiver

In a March business briefing, Sony Computer president Ken Kutaragi announced several new accessories for the Sony PSP including a GPS receiver called the PSP-290. Someone at the briefing was able to secretly snap a quick photo of a slide detailing the PSP-290 (photo on left). According to this blurry photo, the tiny silver PSP-290 will attach to the top of the PSP. The unit will have a 1 second update rate and take about 40 seconds to get its first reading when you first turn it on (cold start). The PSP-290 is slated for release sometime in October 2006. No prices were mentioned in the briefing.

Touch Sensitive iPod Patent Pictures

Here’s a few patent pictures Apple submitted to the US trademark website.

Handheld Tablet PC

From the only Engligh characters on this page, this device appears to have been launches at Japan’s IDF 2005, running Windows XP Tablet Edition on a 600Mhz Pentium M. Babelfish and Google both failed on translations though…. so the rest of the details are left as a mystery. Perhaps one of our readers has some [...]

Where is my Gadget?

You should be starting to get excited…. its out there… the technology ingredients are falling into place… Hard Drive capacities are increasing (This animation is a crack-up) Liquid lenses will allow small devices to zoom & focus without the need for traditional bulky glass lenses ‚Äì just like your eye! (well.. for those of us [...]

BlackBerry How To.

With all the recent news about BlackBerrys in Australia, it seems opportune that RIM Road has an excerpt from How to Do Everything with Your BlackBerry by Curt Simmons. In this case it is Chapter 7, Managing E-Mail. As well as being a good how to, it offers insight into the usability of the BlackBerry [...]

BlackBerrys For All Of Us.

Geekzone points out that Vodafone Australia has released a BlackBerry service for the individual or small and medium enterprises. Mainly because the service requires hardware installed at the corporate side the service hasn’t been available to individuals. “BlackBerry Internet Email is an internet-based email interface that can retrieve email from up to 10 ISPs or [...]

Nokia 9300.

We mentioned the other day that Nokia would be releasing he 9300, the smallest of their Communicator range, and today they’ve made that official. It seems they are targeting women with the phone because the size allows easy handbag storage. If you’re a man it doesn’t mean you can’t use it, just that if we [...]

Vodafone’s Future.

Vodafone has a fun site exploring what some devices might be like in the near future. Vodafone Future Site has not-yet-invented devices like personal communicators, visual bracelets, robotic cleaners, virtual billboards, location based digital maps showing a friends location, electronic paper that’s connected to the network, and a heads up display for those ever important [...]

Speculation About Apple Handheld.

Every gadget junkie loves an Apple rumour. The latest centres around a patent lodged in May in the U.K. for a handheld computer. The Register has the story along with a few sketches, that to be honest look like a white slab. Incredibly unexciting. The details however raise a few exciting points to ponder, and [...]