How to Easily Find Your Car in a Parking Lot!

Are you one of those people that just can’t remember where you parked your car?  Well, the Kensington Proximo is a great new gadget to help you out.  All you have to do is leave one of the sensors you see below in your car and your smart phone will link to it and show [...]

Latest Gadgets

Track that luggage baby! You have to respect this type of technology.  It is one of the latest gadgets that we really dig.  It comes to you from TrakDot ( ) and it is mighty nifty.  You can link it with your mobile phone (and your girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, Mom’s, Dad’s, the ice cream man’s [...]


New AMD Turion Notebooks

As we have covered in the past, the notebook turion processor’s development is something we keep a close eye on. Well there are some new ultraportable notebooks coming to market that sport the AMD Turion Neo X2 and are looking pretty attractive at the $600 to $700 price range. We remember the days when you [...]

Dell D630 run over by car – Still boots

As someone who has just ordered a Dell Latitude ATG (All Terrain Grade) Notebook today – this video is rather reassuring ;-) D630 run over by car – Still boots I wonder how Dell’s complete care warranty handles this?

iPod reaches the 100 million mark

100 million iPod?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s sold, that?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s quite an achievement. In fact that makes the iPod the fastest selling music player in history. It took just five and a half years for Apple to reach that number when the iPod was launched in November 2001 and since then has spawned more than 10 new iPod models including [...]

Add Videos to Your PSP

Can’t get enough of your favorite TV show or movie? Why not take it with you on your Sony PSP? The internet is full of PSP encoded video files ready to be downloaded onto your Sony Memory Stick. But you have to know where and how to name the files in order for the PSP [...]

Garmin GPS Review

Sometimes it’s not just about what should you bring, but how in the hell you get there. If you’re like me (a guy) you can proabably make it from Point A to Point B in record time. The problem is, Point B is not actually your destination, but somewhere a mile or two from it. [...]

Zune Screen Cracks

Here’s an important tip for Microsoft Zune owners: don’t let your Zune charge overnight! According to Engadget, Microsoft’s customer support center has received a flood of angry phone calls from Zune owners. For some reason if you let your Zune change for an extended period of time the screen will crack. A recent post on [...]

iPhone: Cisco vs Apple

If you were paying attention to all the hype building up to the Apple iPhone announcement on Tuesday, then you might recall the little snag concerning who actually owns the “iPhone” name. Even though Apple unveiled the iPhone in San Francisco this week, Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems Inc., announced a product called the [...]

Colorful Transcend USB Flash Drives

Tired of grey and black colored Flash drives? USB flash drives are now candy colored thanks to Transcend’s Jetflash V60. The drives are available in four colors, with each color corresponding to a different storage capacity: orange is 512MB, blue is 1GB, red is 2GB and green is 4GB. All the Transcend drives come with [...]

SnowDrive USB Flash Drive

Our friends over at stumbled upon this one while researching another product. ACP-EP Memory has teamed up with the best snowboard companies in the industry to create the first and only authentic USB Flash Drive Snowboards. They’ve combined the graphics from actual Forum Snowboards like X-Games Snowboarding Star Eddie Wall’s Signature Series Board. With [...]

Tetran Eats iPod Headphones

Looking for a creative way to wind up and manage your headphone cables? The Tetran is a cable wrap for iPods and other portable media players that allows users to wind an earphone cable around Tetran’s body and use her mouth as an earbud holder. Spikes prevent Tetran from rolling away, and a removable ball-bearing [...]

Buyer Gets Soap Instead of iPod

I was on Jason D. O’Grady’s PowerPage when I saw this article and started cracking up. We’ve all heard of the iPod’s vaunted “clean design,” but this is ridiculous. Apparently someone named Sean bought what he thought was an iPod from However after removing the shrink-wrap and opening the box, he instead found inside [...]