Apple Announces iPhone, Apple TV

Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. Apple, a company known for innovation, has been very fortunate in this regard. In 1984 they introduced the world to the first Macintosh and changed personal computing forever. Then in 2001 Apple introduced the first iPod and redefined the music industry. Today [...]

Slingbox for Mac Goes Beta

The Slingbox is a fantastic product. Any computer with an Internet connection will allow you streaming video access to your home TV system. My boss has one in his office so he can watch the in-house cable TV feed at home. But as a Mac user, I have one major problem with the Slingbox… It’s not Mac compatible.

Well that limitation may soon be coming to an end.

Government to extend “fair use” copyright

The Federal Government is calling for submissions from the public on extending the “fair use” exceptions in the Copyright Act. The What? Let’s put it this way: Say you record a show on your VCR to copy it later or record songs from a CD onto an MP3 player. In both cases, you are technically [...]

HiDef 160GB PVR.

We mentioned last November that Toshiba was due to release a High Definition PVR, with 160GB Hard Drive, to the Australian market. Well the details have been confirmed, and it does include two tuners, ideal for recording two shows at a time, or watching and recording one. The HDD-J35 incorporates the uncompressed, digital audio & [...]

Foxtel iQ Due In March.

Foxtel has finally announced its Personal Video Recorder (PVR) option for their digital service, Foxtel iQ. For a once off install fee ($AU100), a once off access fee ($AU395) and a monthly service fee ($5.95), unless you’re a Platinum customer, you’ll get the new swanky set top box that’ll allow you to record two shows [...]

Aussies Do Their Bit With Bittorrent.

AUSTRALIA and Britain have been revealed as the world’s biggest markets for pirate TV downloads. The trend is being driven by tech-savvy fans who are unwilling to wait for popular US shows such as 24 and Desperate Housewives. Australia ranked as second largest downloader of TV programs after Britain in a study of the phenomenon [...]

Foxtel’s PVR Next Week.

Pay TV operator Foxtel will unveil its personal digital recorder (PDR) next week at special showings at Myer stores. The PDR, billed as the next “must have” in home entertainment accessories, is tipped to end forever the dilemma over what to watch and what to record when two enticing programs are on at the same [...]

When A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings In Washington, Millions Download Media Worldwide.

We always wait to get our copy of Wired in the mail, but this article, available online, has been pointed out by a regular Gadget Lounge reader. Given the stream of article we’ve had about eXeem recently, it’s worth mentioning that Wired has an article all about BitTorrent and its inventor, Bram Cohen. For Cohen, [...]

Zensonic Z500.

Finally, a company that gets what convergence really means, almost. Zensonic has announced they’ll release a DVD player that is networkable, via wireless or gigabit, and can play a range of media via optical disc or via a USB 2.0 hard drive (like the Apple iPod). Codec support includes Windows Media Video 9, DivX XviD, [...]

Panasonic’s Versatile DVD Recorder.

Australia is creeping toward the ability to do some true home entertainment networking with Panasonic’s latest toys. ARNnet details the DMR-E500H which is a DVD Recorder with a 400G-byte hard drive that provides the ability to store up to 709 hours. The catch is the obscene price, $AU3,299. It’s so feature rich that no single [...]