Google wants to BUILD your new TV!

Well, they at least are evidently going to start working with Sony and the rumor is Intel on a new TV that they want to act as an entertainment hub for your living room.  Here are gadgetlounge we think that makes a lot of sense.  We’ve had a pretty powerful computer hooked up to our [...]

Obama Out Twits McCain

While John McCain is still learning how to use email (we’re not kidding), his U.S. Presidential competition has completely mastered the micro-blogging service Twitter. This month, American presidential candidate Barack Obama dethroned Kevin Rose from and became the most popular person on Twitter. According to Twitterholic, a website that measures the “followers” of Twitter [...]

Hatebook – An Evil Facebook Parody

Tired of Facebook? Got some bad blood you need to vent online? Then embrace your hate and say hello to Hatebook. Hatebook is a Facebook parody site that looks and functions exactly like Facebook… except with an evil twist. Here’s a brief list of the “evil twist” to give you a better idea of how [...]