Beer OS – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Every year on March 17, we honor Saint Patrick (circa 385?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú461), one of the patron saints of Ireland. Whether or not you choose to celebrate the holiday by wearing green, eating Irish foods, imbibing Irish drink (usually Guinness), or attending parades, we wish you a safe a happy holiday. Everyone wants to be Irish on [...]

iBought: Useless Chitika Facebook Application

When I checked my email this morning, I noticed that Chitika, the blogger-driven merchandising/shopping network, made a Facebook application called iBought. The application allows Facebook users to show off their latest purchases in their profiles. How useful is iBought? If you checkout my Facebook profile, it says I just bought a goat. No, I didn’t [...]

Sparky – Alexa Firefox Toolbar

Like to see how websites rate against each other while you browse the Internet? Alexa, a subsidiary of, has been providing information on web traffic since 1996. Once you install the Alexa Toolbar, you can then view traffic trends, reach and rank, of any site you visit on the Internet. The toolbar then feeds [...]

Security Bugs in Safari for Windows

It’s been an interesting few days for Apple and their Safari web browser. On Monday, Apple released a PC version of Safari 3 (beta) at the 2007 Worldwide Developers Conference. But within a few hours, Internet security specialists and hackers had uncovered several bugs capable of crashing the Windows operating system as well as a [...]

Handbrake for Windows

Do you have a ton of DVDs? Want to watch them on your iPod? For years, the best DVD ripping program, Handbrake, was only available for Mac. But the unthinkable has happened. Handbrake has been ported for Windows. It’s still in the experimental beta stages, but you can download a PC version of Handbrake now. [...]

Battlestar Galactica Mini Game

Feel like climbing inside a Viper and fraking a Cylon? According to a Sierra Online press release, this fall you’ll get your chance. Looking to capitalize on the series’ current popularity, NBC Universal and Sierra Online (Space Quest, King’s Quest, Homeworld) are developing a mini Battlestar Galactica high-definition video game that will be available this [...]

Steve Jobs Hates DRM

If you went to last week, then you might have seen an article written by Steve Jobs about DRM and the music industry called Thoughts on Music. In the article Job talks about the history of DRM (digital rights management) and how companies, including Apple, who sell music online have to change in order [...]

More than a fifth of Windows installations are Counterfeit

Figures from tests conducted using Microsoft’s controversial Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) tool have revealed that more than a fifth (22 percent) of Windows installations failed tests on their authenticity. These copies are instead counterfeit though many would argue that users who know their installations are counterfeit would not let Microsoft test them so in reality [...]

Apple Announces iPhone, Apple TV

Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. Apple, a company known for innovation, has been very fortunate in this regard. In 1984 they introduced the world to the first Macintosh and changed personal computing forever. Then in 2001 Apple introduced the first iPod and redefined the music industry. Today [...]

Apple Store Holiday Screen Saver

Have you walked past an Apple Store yet this month? If so, you might have noticed a 3D snowflake screen saver running in the display windows. The screen saver is called Snowfall and it was designed by Russell Warenboldt using the OS X Quartz Composer. Here’s a screenshot of Snowfall with a picture of my [...]

Bill Gates Buys Blogger Buzz

Want some positive blogger buzz about your product or service? Maybe you should just buy it like Bill Gates. To help promote the Zune and get some positive Microsoft buzz, Gates coughed up a dozen round trip plane tickets to Redmond, hotel rooms, and Zunes (of course) for a group of gadget and tech bloggers. [...]

1984 Apple LISA Demo

Want a good laugh? This video clip from a local cable show has a rare demonstration of Apple’s 1984 Lisa computer as well as some sexy 1980s hair styles. In the video, some guy named Alfred takes the $10,000 Lisa computer for a test drive. Yep the Lisa sold for $10,000. Pretty expensive for a [...]

14 Reasons to Switch to a Mac

Need a reason to switch? Last week there was an article in the Washington Post that highlighted some of the advantages of the Macintosh over the PC. 1. Macs just work. How much time have you spent troubleshooting your PC? Imagine a computer designed by people who hate to waste time as much as you [...]