How to Easily Find Your Car in a Parking Lot!

Are you one of those people that just can’t remember where you parked your car?  Well, the Kensington Proximo is a great new gadget to help you out.  All you have to do is leave one of the sensors you see below in your car and your smart phone will link to it and show [...]

Cool Gadgets

Our relentless pursuit of cool gadgets never ends.  We are always out there my friends, looking for what inspires us and you.  Thus far, we feel like 2013 is showing a lot of promise on the gadgets front.  This is less of a gadget, than it is just a cool advancement in flash drive storage [...]

Latest Gadgets

Track that luggage baby! You have to respect this type of technology.  It is one of the latest gadgets that we really dig.  It comes to you from TrakDot ( ) and it is mighty nifty.  You can link it with your mobile phone (and your girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, Mom’s, Dad’s, the ice cream man’s [...]

Kind of Random, yet interesting . . . The Spy Ear

The video has the SPY EAR (Two-Way Communications System).  The Spy Ear is a complete two-way communications system enabling one to receive sounds or voices from a distant location up to 500ft away without any wires. We haven’t tested it and don’t know these guys; however, seemed potentially interesting to our audience.  Let us know if it [...]

Can you make an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity With a Potato Gun?

  Most people struggle to make money from affiliate marketing opportunities, even if they have a trusty potato gun.  Now this is not something that happens automatically, or overnight, but you can definitely make a fortune from affiliate marketing.  If you happen to have a potato gun, you can make money online with it. Well, [...]