Taser Powered Potato Gun!

We really can’t argue with the young lady presenting the fine attributes of this double-barrelled potato gun.  We hope you find her as intersting as we did.  Enjoy fellow Loungers. gun paintball bazuka delo photato gun

Can you make an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity With a Potato Gun?

  Most people struggle to make money from affiliate marketing opportunities, even if they have a trusty potato gun.  Now this is not something that happens automatically, or overnight, but you can definitely make a fortune from affiliate marketing.  If you happen to have a potato gun, you can make money online with it. Well, [...]

The Evolution of Dance With Optimus Prime

The Evolution of Dance is the most-viewed YouTube video ever. In the video, Judson Laipply, a motivational speaker, dances to a soundtrack that plays through various popular songs ranging from Elvis Presley to MC Hammer and Michael Jackson. As of February 2008, The Evolution of Dance has over 76 million views on YouTube, and is [...]

Leg Lamp Replica from A Christmas Story

This half-scale reproduction of the Leg Lamp from the 1983 movie A Christmas Story isn’t completely accurate, but for a mere $40 bucks it’s probably close enough for most Christmas Story fans. And honestly, it’s smaller scale will be more apt to blend in with the average living room. It certainly does with mine, never [...]

Sony Patents Skateboard

Sony has filed a patent application that reveals that the electronics giant hopes to produce a skateboard like product that is motor powered and balance steered. Sony?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s board would have two large wheels, each powered by a separate electric motor with one at either side of a flat platform. Sony’s futuristic skateboard would be steered [...]

DIY Nintendo Wii Steering Wheel

You might remember hearing about a wave of wounded people when the Nintendo Wii first came out last November. A combination of physically unfit Wii owners and a weak Wiimote strap was causing people to accidentally do things like punch their dogs or dislocate knees. Well apparently everyone?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s wounds have healed and they?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢re starting to [...]

SpeckTone Retro iPod Speakers

Retro junkies rejoice. Speck Products just announced a top-loading iPod stereo speaker system called the SpeckTone Retro. Sure, there are hundreds of iPod speaker systems on the market. What makes this system unique is the design.

i-Playaz Interactive Hip-Hop Toy

Who is the best-known hip-hop artist in the fictional land of Chub City? Chub C of course. At least that’s what it says on the box. Just don’t tell Hype. He’s the white version of Chub C (a la Eminem). What the hell am I talking about? That’s a good question. Both Chub C (black) [...]

Solar Powered Birdfeeder

Know someone who needs to spend a little more time outside and away from their computer? Maybe a techie gift for the outdoors might do the trick. The Arbordale Solar Birdfeeder is just your average run-of-the-mill birdfeeder by day. But at night, this birdfeeder provides a soft, warm amber glow to its surroundings. Thanks to [...]

Nintendo Wii Nunchuck Controller

Is a weak arm or physical stamina keeping you from taking your Nintendo Wii gaming experience to the next level? Perhaps you should look into getting the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk Controller. This accessory adds even more innovation to the next generation of gaming and does it all with less physical movement. Contoured to perfectly fit [...]

A Pain in the Wii

You will probably either sympathize or laugh at this latest story coming from the console gaming community. According to last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required), gamers are finding that the new Nintendo Wii can be a real pain in the neck… back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, etc. In case you are unfamiliar with the Nintendo [...]

Install Homebrew PSP Games

Think Sony PSP games are overpriced? Us too. Here’s a tutorial on how to download free homebrew games off the Internet and install them on your PSP. In this tutorial we will be installing a homebrew game called SmashGpsp. If you are unfamiliar with this game, SmashGpsp is a lose PSP recreation of the popular [...]

Atari Pong Wall

I was on TechEBlog the other day and found this great YouTube clip from Nextfest 2006. It’s an interactive installation of an Atari touch-sensitive “Pong Wall” game. No video displays or game controllers needed. You just touch the wall and use your hand to position your paddle. The Pong Wall detects hand movement by using [...]