Bluetake BT420 Bustin Grooves.

The International Herald Tribune’s Gadget of the Week (gee their name makes it sound so regal) is Bluetake’s i-Phono BT420. These little beauties use Bluetooth (yes, the word of the week is Bluetooth) to transmit audio from any device that has an audio jack. That’s not all, they’ll also announce that a call is coming [...]

Touchless Trashcan, Fun For The Kids.

Why everyone doesn’t have one of these we’re not sure. The touchless bin. That’s right, using “patented invisible harmless infrared technology” the bin knows, that’s right, it just knows, when you need the lid to open. “It creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment. It keeps your hands clean when cooking or touching your [...]


Ever wanted to use your iPod to replace a bunch of IR remotes? No, us either, but in a very cool article, Engadget tell you how to turn your iPod into a universal remote. Whilst we can’t help but think that it looks like a lot of work, an extra remote around the house to [...]

Apple Airport Express Reviewed.

iPodlounge (no relation) has a review of Apple’s latest gadget the AirPort Express. For those not familiar, Apple has a software product called iTunes for the Mac and Windows that stores and plays your music. It is also used to managed music on an iPod. The Airport Express is a wireless hub (802.11g) that handily [...]