Gamers make better doctors

In the February issue of Archives of Surgery, a new study suggests that surgeons who play video games have considerably higher surgical skills than their non-gamer colleagues. One notable field in particular was laparoscopic surgery, which involves manipulating instruments while staring at a monitor.

Although only 33 surgeons took part in the study, it did find that those who played video games for at least 3 hours a week performed 27% fast and made 37% fewer errors. They also scored 42% percent better in surgical tests than non gaming doctors.

The correlation between video games and surgical skills was apparently so high that it proved to be an even greater indicator of performance than either the length of an individual’s surgical training or their prior experience with laporscopic surgery.

The link seems straightforward enough with games requiring players to pay attention to complicated surroundings and then going to work to an environment when attention is the key to success.

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