Play Station 2 Model SCPH-70000.

Gadget Lounge wonders why Sony would redesign its current PS2 when everyone is more interested in their next generation game console, which is rumoured to be on the way late next year. We know they did it with the PSOne, but surely they’d want to focus all resources on the head to head battle between the XBox “Next” and the PS3. The only reason we can think of is that it’ll be later than next year, and their extending the shelf life of the current model.

Other than slimming it down (obvious from the photo), the new PS2, actually called the SCPH-70000, has built in ethernet and a dial-up port. However, they’ve removed the expansion slot, and given there is no internal hard-drive it means some games that require one, can’t be played on the new model.

Smart House has the release date for the mini-PS2 as October 29, though given the U.S. release date is November 1 and Japan is November 3, it makes us think the news might be wrong.

PS2 Compared

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