$100 laptop becomes $175 laptop

Oh dear the price of the $100 laptop has increased to $175. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization has announced that the laptop, which they hoped would be affordable enough for children in developing countries to use, has to be a bit more expensive.

They have put this down to the rising prices of raw materials, particularly nickel. However its not all bad news. The machine, which originally was to run its own open source operating system, will also be capable of running Windows.

The OLPC would originally start manufacturing when it had orders for between five million and 10 million laptops. Even though many nations have signed on, the cash to back the orders has not been forthcoming. The organization is still optimistic that production will begin this October.

$100 Laptop

Reference for posting: http://www.theregister.co.uk

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One thought on “$100 laptop becomes $175 laptop

  1. now instead of 1 laptop per child, it has become 1 laptop per 1.75 child. i simply don’t get the idea of providing laptops to children of the third world when they still lack the basic needs – medicine, food, lodging… the money would be better used for something else, anyway, what use is a computer without internet? who is going to pay for their internet access?

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