AMD launches the most powerful home gaming PC in the world

World’s Most Powerful Home Super Computer Unveiled

AMD launches the most powerful home gaming PC in the world, capable of delivering real time cinematic rendering of current-generation movie-quality CGI.

AMD launches the most powerful home gaming PC in the world

Powered by a series of new AMD chips the Quad Core Phenom CPU includes a set of four CPUs on one chip, and four Radeon HD 3000 graphics processors.

The CPU has the raw computing power of over 80 Sony PS3s, capable of delivering what many consider the holy grail of gaming experiences ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú real time cinematic rendering of current-generation movie-quality CGI ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú in essence, playing a movie as one would play a video game, with no degradation of quality.

To put the new PC into some perspective, Deep Blue, probably the most celebrated gaming computer ever built was constructed by IBM in 1997 to beat Gary Kasparov at chess. It cost millions of dollars to build and weighed 1.4 tonnes.

Exactly 10 years on, AMD are launching a home supercomputer that has the power of 200 Deep Blues (11 GigaFLOPs) but costs $2000 dollars. This kind of supercomputing power has traditionally been reserved exclusively for the most advanced scientists and research with multi-million dollar budgets putting massive supercomputing power well within the range of everyday people.

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27 thoughts on “AMD launches the most powerful home gaming PC in the world

  1. needs to be cheaper for the hard core gamer you guys all talk about.

    Gamers still have cost every month on everythign else.
    You guys need a 1000 doller line.

  2. yeah that super pc for gaming sounds crazy hot
    i would love to get my hands on one of those 4 sure
    if ne details on where to purchase u got my email
    get at me $2000 its well worth the specs it got
    The CPU has the raw computing power of over 80 Sony PS3s, now that sounds amazingly unrealistic
    i learning graphic design i would one of these to
    get the real power i need for my project…

  3. I have been searching for this computer for a while online. Am i even able to buy it? And yes i do have 2000 bucks to spend on it…hell i would pay 3000 if it meant i could get a computer this godly.

  4. What about using an ZOTAC NVIDIA 790i Ultra SLI with an Intel i7 2.93Ghz Processor (8 Parallel Cores) and NVIDIA’s Quadro FX 5800 Graphics Card that would beat this by far, this has the ability to add another motherboard (that is compatible) to increase the power and with multiple parallel processors (that would be 16 at 2.93Ghz)and SLI means you can add more graphics cards

  5. Sony’s ps3 is the most powerful gaming console available, excluding custom pcs, if the info here is true then AMD would do well to release this Titan of gaming ASAP so I can personally laugh in the face of the Sony fanboys, don’t anyone take it this the wrong way, I own a ps3 myself, but I hate the majority of it’s fan base and look forward to the day when I can buy a different gaming console and know I haven’t bought an inferior system.

  6. well, I think this is just overkill, I would consider buying this were there a game that required such power; a computer with a tenth of this power would give the same gaming quality.

  7. lol this computer looks nice but i built mine in singapore which is a heavy tech city and i spent about 8000 u.s dollars on it and it beats this one lol. i tell u for all u really hard core gamers, BUILD UR OWN. if u order one from some company it spoils the fun of it. if u turn it on after u built it, u can say to ur self, i built this monster!!! not some company with a bunch of factories. i highly recommend u build it urself or go do it with someone who can teach u and help u with it. good luck guys!!!

  8. You can get a computer that will play every game on high settings for $1000-$1500. Think of the stuff you could buy with that extra $500-$1000. (plasma screen TV, 1000 cheeseburgers…)

  9. My pc is better than that and it only cost me 890 pound to build it lol
    Mempipe deluxe motherboard phenom 2 3.4 ghz oc to 4ghz 8 gig gaming ram with cooler 1000w psu 2x gtx 295′s over clocked with custom made intergraded cooling system for gpu and motherboard on a 52 hd 1080p lcd tv :)

  10. lol… they should have atleast given a name… thats pretty fail… it might just be called “I made this all up in my head and post it on the web”

  11. The new mac pro with 12 cores is way better than this . This PC is only for game. This PC does not even cost that much my MacBook Pro cost 1,600.

  12. Look, guys, I do’t think you;re fully understanding the purpose of this machine. Yes , it is true that a PC with a tenth of the power would play the highest-of-the-highest games flawlessly, but the point of this machine is not to play games on, but a machine to create them on. It says in the article that this machine is capable of real-time rendering of movie-quality CGI, so this sort of machine would be absolutely invaluable to a game developers like UbiSoft or Activision. Just imagine what someone who could be bothered to learn how to make HQ games could do with this! This is NOT a machine for game consumers, but for game creators.

  13. There is no way on this earth that this computer has the power of 200 Deep Blues as this person states. But if for some reason this is true I am impressed

  14. Hey why you people spend 2 or 3 thousand$ on this machine. I can still play ps3 games in my AMD Athlon 5200+(2.4 Ghz) 1Gb Ram and 512mb nvidea geforce

  15. What about customizing a gaming PC myself with the following specs:

    Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-980X Extreme Edition 3.33 GHz 12M Intel Smart Cache LGA1366 (8-Cores)

    Motherboard: Asus P6X58D-E Intel X58 Chipset SLI

    RAM: Crosair 12GB (4GBx3) DDR3/1600MHz Triple Channel Memory Module [-96]

    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 3GB (2 x 1.5GB) 16X PCIe Video Card

    These are far better specs to the one given in this article. And it can be the ultimate gaming PC for upto 5-10 years. But, there is also one notable thing, that is this specification is only for geeks with a very large wallet with very large amount of money in it. :D

  16. are you serious!!!? if your saying this is the most powerful, fastest and expensive gaming computer in the world ever, then will it be able to handle crysis 1 with all fully maxed out graphics settings with 16xaa and with an absolutely crazy resolution of 25600 x 16000 downsampled? please reply.

  17. I have a great idea! just get the parts and put like 100 CPU’s together with like 1 tera of RAM and a hardrive that uses CLOUD computing and then 50 NVIDIA cards and there you go you have the gaming rig of the future!

  18. Thank you, I have recently been looking for info about this subject for a long time and yours is the greatest I have discovered till now. But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you positive about the supply?|What i do not realize is actually how you’re no longer really a lot more neatly-appreciated than you may be now. You’re very intelligent.

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