Are there any new and cool gadgets for the kitchen?

We thought this might be an interesting topic to explore. 

Yes, we know about the slap chop!  What else can you think of?  Everyone loves a good kitchen gadget.

Hmmm . . . and they only cost $19.95!

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13 thoughts on “Are there any new and cool gadgets for the kitchen?

  1. Since you’re putting together a X-mas shopping list…
    Here’s what I’d like. :-)
    Deep Fat Fryer
    Crock Pot (I need a new one)
    Ice Cream Maker
    KitchenAid Mixer
    Anodized Cookware Set
    Culinary Knives

    Less expensive:
    Candy thermometer for making candy or deep fat frying
    Fast digital thermometer for checking meat doness
    An oven thermometer so I can check the temperature in my oven or by bbq.
    New set of tupperware.
    Crocks for storing flour, sugar and other stuff.
    Wooden spoons – always handy
    Basting brushes
    Brass strainer/skimmer for draining my deep fried goods.

  2. Deep Fryer, good solid cutting board soid wood, well put togetjher. A good set of cooking knives.
    Espresso maker.

  3. Two baking essentials I can’t live without (except, of course, my KitchenAid Stand Mixer, which is THE kitchen item of all items if you have a big budget!) are:

    1.) Marble rolling pin. It’s nice and heavy, and stays cold, which is great for rolling out cookies or pies without the dough sticking.

    2.) This Dessert Decorator. I use it for everything from cakes to deviled eggs, and it’s A LOT easier than those icing bags you can buy b/c you just click the button on the top and it dispenses on it’s own, no sore wrists. Plus, it’s SOOO much easier to clean!

    There are lots of fun gagets on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website…hope you find something you like!

  4. foodsaver freezer vacuum sealer- awesome (but expensive)
    black n decker handy chopper- small, inexpensive, easy- to-clean, “handy”– useful
    george foreman grill- if she doesn’t have one, she NEEDS one

  5. The Kitchen Aid, I leave it out on the counter and use it very often. You can make cakes, pies, cookies, I even use it for homemade mashed potatoes.


  6. My current favorite (aside from my KitchenAid food processor) is a KA stick blender. It makes puree out of canned tomatoes for sauce and chili, and it works well for bisques and chowders. It was only about $65.

  7. Rasp for grating cheese
    Fine mesh sieve
    Electric mill/grinder for grinding spices
    Subscription to a food magazine (Gourmet, Cooking Light, etc)
    Mini food processor (great for chopping nuts, making small amounts of pesto, bread crumbs, etc)
    Silpate baking liners
    Rolls of parchment paper
    Silicon basting brushes
    Marble slab for rolling out pastry dough

  8. Here r some gadgets you may prefer:

    Coffee maker
    Meat tenderizer
    Microwave oven
    Vegetable peeler
    Cheese gratter
    Knief sharpner

    OR you may gift a variety of her favorite foods i.e. “all type of dry fruits / different herbs & spices / a wide range of cookies & chocolates ” packed in a decorative way.

  9. Stuff I LOVE
    Can opener that opens cans from the sides- I got mine from Pampered Chef but other people have them now.

    Silicone baster- awesome! (works great, no worry about germs sticking around, inexpensive)

    Wide-slot toaster- perfect for bagels

    Senseo coffee machine- makes one cup at a time and the coffee is GREAT! Use it everyday!

    Top of the line wine opener- ordered from wine mag- super easy, no effort at all, worth every penny

    Different sizes of crock pots- some recipes work better w/different sizes and you have more than one going at once for a party

    Plastic microwave egg-cooker- just picked this up at the grocery store and it works perfect. Use it for eggs for breakfast sandwiches.

    Oven thermometer that sits outside the oven- can’t imagine cooking without this now

    Silicone baking pans- especially muffin pans

    Rice-cooker- you can get these pretty inexpensive now

  10. You could get a crock or cantainer of some kind and put some spoons and turners, spatulas etc in it. These kinds of things wear out over the years. The first thing that I thought of when I read your question was, you know those recipies that you can put the dry ingredients in a jar and it looks pretty…you decorate the jar however you want and then attach the recipie with the wet ingredients that need to be added later…that would be cute for her if you are buying Christmas things. I have seen some with a cookie cutter attached or with a spoon attached. It would depend on what you put in the jar. Good luck.

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