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Our relentless pursuit of cool gadgets never ends.  We are always out there my friends, looking for what inspires us and you.  Thus far, we feel like 2013 is showing a lot of promise on the gadgets front.  This is less of a gadget, than it is just a cool advancement in flash drive storage . . . yes, it is 1TB of storage on a flash drive.  It is known as the Kingston HyperX Predator and it is indeed a USB 3.0 flash drive.

Just for your reference, the current most popular USB standard (2.0) transfers data at around 35 megabytes per second.  The 3.0 USB standard will hit average speeds of 200 megabytes per second.  We are consistently amazed at where we are headed.  Of course, Moore’s law predicts these types of advancements over time, but the acceleration is even exceeding his initial predictions about processing power.

Below you’ll find a photo of the new drive which is made out of a zinc-based metal alloy for superior durability.  These will be on the market at some point in 2013 and expect them to cost around $1,000 USD.   That isn’t cheap by any means, but if you have a need for a small flash drive that holds 1TB of data, you can likely afford it.  This would certainly be a good entry into our spy gadgets category for obvious reasons.  Any other cool uses you can imagine are welcome in the comments below.  Take care friends of the lounge . . .


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