Demise of the Floppy Disc at PC World

PC World has said that it will no longer sell floppy discs when the format runs out of stock due to demand plummeting.

The first 3.5in disk was developed by Sony and was sold in 1981. Since then the format became an icon as the forefather of modern storage formats. But now they are no longer needed. The format has been marginalized neither suitable for small storage requirements nor large enough to handle mp3 and video files.

Most everyday storage requirements can now be handled by pen drives, which can hold more than a thousand times what floppies were able to manage and can be connected to your keyring.

In 2006 700 million units of the format were sold in world while in 1988 the figure was over 2 billion and more and more computers are now not being fitted with the floppy disc drive making the format redundant.

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