Discount iPod mini accessories

With the announcement that Apple has replaced the iPod mini with the iPod nano (and the appearance of iPod nanos in Sydney stores a few days ago), some stores have started to discount their iPod mini accessory line.

Harvey Norman in Broadway (Sydney) are selling Altec Lansing inMotion mini speaker docks for $99.

If you see similar great deals on iPod minis/accessories, post them to the comments (or to the forums).

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4 thoughts on “Discount iPod mini accessories

  1. i really want one of these
    ipod nano’s

    i like the black the best im just worried that it would snap in my pocket if i leaned to far forward to tie my shoelace or something

    but thats just me being paranoid

    i cant see people wanting the ipod mini or shuffle now

    no wonder there so eager to give them away with popular packets of crisps all over the world?

  2. i sure wouldnt be worried about snapping it…if they can run a car over the thing…seems to be pretty tough to me!lol

  3. i just got a nano and its awesome. i think its tough enough not to snap and its really tiny. i thought it was a joke when i got mine delievered yesterday. I seriously thought it was just a display version cause it was so light and small… but seriously awesome.

  4. Stay away from the iPod Nano!! It gets scratches extremely easily, and this is causing a huge headache for Apple.

    Check out their own forum:

    or this article:

    I’m very dissappointed, I was all geared up to buy it. I’m just going to wait till they fix this problem. It is such a fantastic looking unit and it needs to stay that way

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