DuPont Corian Z Kitchen Island

Have you ever thought that the time your living in should be more like the futuristic world that scientists were predicting decades ago? Well the Z Kitchen Island will bring a little it of the future into your kitchen today.

The Island?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s has a built in PC, sound actuators and LEDs which users can use to surf the internet, listen to music or create a particular ambiance by means of a centralized touch-control panel.

Its cool and stylish and very Star Trek like but its also going to be very expensive (think over 8 grand expensive).

Corian Z

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2 thoughts on “DuPont Corian Z Kitchen Island

  1. Is the “DuPunt Corian Z Kitchen Island” in Europe/Switzerland avaiable or posible to ship it to there ?

  2. I want details of kitchen top sheet(rate n colors). Kindly supply me the details on my email id as mentioned above……
    An early response will be appreciated.

    And send me the contact numbers of your company.

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