Gadget Lounge, Wry Media and the BioLite CampStove

Gadget Lounge works with the team at Wry Media from time to time.  We like their office, which you can see a picture of here:Wry_Media_Image

We think you will agree that they keep things sparse, but fair.  Gotta keep it fair.  We always say that if you keep things fair, that everything else in life is cream cheese.

What’s that you say?  You would like to see some gadget news?  Okay, we are happy to oblige.  It is the time of year that everyone has their minds on the latest and greatest gadgets.  Whether they bought a gadget for someone else as a gift, they received one as a gift or they are returning their latest gadget gift in order to get something better.  If that’s the case, here is a very cool thing to consider . . . The Bio Lite Camp Stove . . .

The BioLite CampStove
You can cook with it, stay warm and charge your electronic gear all at the same time and all for around $150 bones.  It can boil water in a few minutes, charge your phone, keep you warm all with available items around you like grass, pine cones, twigs, etc. for fuel.  This is indeed a very cool gadget.
I think we will be picking one up soon.



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