Gadgets for 2013

We were just wondering where the world of gadgets will take us in 2013 . . . if you were wondering the same thing as you start digging for news on CES 2013 in Vegas and the like, then let’s take a look together.

We thought that this new little beauty by leapmotion seemed one of the more promising (and affordable at $75 with shipping) new fun gadgets for the year . . .


If you haven’t seen minority report in awhile (or never saw it in the first place) you might want to revisit that flick soon so you can understand what the leapmotion will bring to you soon.  You can check it out for yourself here:

Basically, leap motion allows your PC or Mac to recognize hand and finger gestures in the air — and it actually seems to work quite well.  So what you are basically getting is the same effect that Tom Cruise had in Minority Report, but no need to wear the gloves.

We ordered one to try out.  They are on pre-order now but will let you know how we like it when we get our own version.  Here at gadgetlounge, we think this might be one of the cooler gadgets to hit the street in 2013.

Any other ideas?

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