Home Secretary impressed by talking cameras

Middlesbrough’s streets are watched over by cameras just like every other town in the UK but what makes Middlesbrough’s cameras different is the fact that they allow surveillance officers to speak to offenders. They can tell people to pick up their litter and stop vandalizing property and now the home secretary is so impressed by the system it will be expanded to many other towns.

The Middlesbrough CCTV system has been built up over the past five years at a cost to the council of ?Ǭ£1.5 million and has just been given ?Ǭ£25,000 by the Government to extend.

Though some people will save that the streets will soon be policed by Robocop and the thought police it seems that the talking cameras have had a positive effect for example three youths were prevented from causing criminal damage to a pizza hut having climbed on top of its roof.

Reference for posting: http://www.telegraph.co.uk

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