How to make homemade spy gadgets . . .

Any thougts in this area?  Seems like an interesting topic to discuss amongst ourselves.  Comments welcome.  Let’s see who has some intersting insight.

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4 thoughts on “How to make homemade spy gadgets . . .

  1. What do you want to do? There are many kinds of spy gadgets. You could do letterboxing or geocaching, where you hide things and give people clues on where to find them. You can make a good container from a waterproof match holder and cammo duct tape.

  2. First off Paul, what is you age? Is this a fantasy with you – in other words, do you enjoy reading stories and seeing movies about CIA operatives and spys? I have reasons for asking these questions, they are really of little value to you.

    There are a number, a very large number of websites available concerning “certain” types of “spy gadgets” as you put in your enquiry.

    Send me an email outlining more precisely what “type of spy gadgets” you are looking for and I may be able to direct you to the proper website.

    I am a retired electronics technician that designed, built, troubleshot, prefected, and monitored certain types of equipment related, in some ways to your inquiry. I may have some knowledge to pass on.

    KC0LES (that is a zero and not the letter “O”) It is my HAM radio operators call sign assigned by the Federal Communication Commission.

  3. i made one yesterday. its a close range non-lethal (although you can make it leathal VERY easily >:]) blowdart, built into a pen.
    to make it more painful, but soap or alcohol on the tip of the needle. to make it lethal, put on nutmeg or iodine. range: 17ft. efective range: 1ft (lol) have fun :)

  4. I have a 53 member Imperial group, and lately, we have been attacked covertly by another Imperial group of 67 members. The other executive and I made a special forces squad to infiltrate their leaders house and need gadgets. Any ideas???

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