HTC Pulse Mini In Your Face (or is that your hand?)

HTC and T-Mobile UK have scaled down their android phone to make it a wee bit smaller and get it in everyone’s hot little hands.

The comparison between the larger HTC Pulse and the new HTC Pulse Mini is as follows:

A 2.8″ Screen – as opposed to of 3.5″
HSPDA 3.2 – as opposed to 7.2
Android 2.1 – as opposed to 1.5
Also includes a 3.15MP Camera, Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS

The smaller size also comes with everyone’s favorite, a lesser price. It sells for about 100 Pounds (that’s around $150 US Bones). Android is a very cool system. I think bringing down the price will further put it in competition with the iphone. Now, will the apple iphone be offered on other carriers with its next version? I know a lot of folks in the U.S. hope so — rumors of Verizon and T-mobile getting the iphone are popping up, but that is of course, just rumor. Apple has a way of surprising everyone with its changes. In the meantime, take a look at the new t-mobile HTC Pulse Mini. Pretty cool.


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