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Track that luggage baby!

You have to respect this type of technology.  It is one of the latest gadgets that we really dig.  It comes to you from TrakDot ( ) and it is mighty nifty.  You can link it with your mobile phone (and your girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, Mom’s, Dad’s, the ice cream man’s . . . anyone’s) to receive a text message of the bag’s location upon arrival at your location.    It of course has an app.  It can tell you which baggage carousel your luggage is resting on, OR, if you bag happens to be in the wrong city, you can give the right city’s info to the baggage claim counter so they can get your bag quickly back to you.  Check out the photo of TrakDot below.  It’s about the size of a cigarette case.

It uses its own part of the cellular spectrum in the U.S. that GlobaTrac owns.  It also goes to sleep once it hits a certain altitude so it is compliant with FAA regs.  We think it is gonna cost around $50 bones and then an annual service fee (not monthly!) of around $15.  That’s what we’ve heard any way.  In any case, it should come out sometime in the next few months — it’s at CES 2013 right now.  Hope your New Year is off to a great start.

See ya soon Loungers!



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