Mario and Invincibility Star Mouse Pads

Mario and Star Mouse Pads

Super Mario Bros Dot Design Mouse 2 is a mouse pad in the shape of a recognisable character from the Super Mario Bros games. There are currently two to choose from; a Mario pad and an invincibility star pad.

Now I can only imagine that people would buy these pads for the sheer novelty or nostalgic purposes because they do not look like the most comfortable pads to use. Mouse pads look the way they do for a reason, the ergonomic design makes it easy to slip into your hand and use your computer. This on the other hand is the shape of a sprite built character and would probably drive you nuts after five minutes.

Still it looks cool and perhaps its one of those items you keep in the case and admire it from time to time instead of using.

It currently retails for $23 and requires a USB port. Its compatible with WinXP/ME and Macintosh OSX operating systems and apparently Vista too.

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