Middlesex man finds Receda Cube in ARG

A man from Middlesex has won ?Ǭ£100,000 for completing an alternate reailty game called Perplex City. In the game where players have to solves puzzles online and in the real world, players had to track down an object called the Receda Cube which was buried in a hidden location.

Andy Darley found the Receda Cube on 4th February Wakerley Great Wood near Stamford in Northamptonshire after a two-year search.

“I never thought for a moment that I would be the person to find the Cube. I was playing for the puzzles, and the stories, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I thought I was in with a chance,” said Andy Darley.

Darley will formally hand over the Cube at a ceremony on 24 February and receive a cheque for ?Ǭ£100,000.

Reference for posting: http://www.vnunet.com

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