New Home Automation Products That Won’t Break the Bank – 2013

Like you, we’ve always wanted to trick out our home in full automation mode — just like that girl’s apartment in Total Recall.  You know what we are talking about.  Anyway, we think the WeMo SMART is a very cool new release from Belkin to make this a reality.  You can retrofit these into an existing home or you can build from scratch with these tools.  Here is a light switch that you can control from your smart phone.  All of these tools work on your wifi network and they can be accessed remotely.  You can schedule things to happen when you are away too, i.e. keep the lights on for a few hours at night.

This is neat stuff in terms of affordable home automation.  We think there is lots more to come.  I think we should all keep an eye on these home automation trends as they expand over this year and beyond.  If you see anything of particularly cool note, please post it up here in the comments.

Here is a belkin wemo light switch . . .


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