Pogo Stick Extreme

Looking for the next extreme sport? How about Extreme Pogo Sticking!? All you need is a pogo stick on steroids like the Flybar 1200.

This isn’t your average pogo stick (pro skateboarder Andy Macdonald helped develop it). The Flybar 1200 has a complex spring system consisting of 12 independent rubber thrusters capable of producing 1,200 pounds of power. In case you are wondering, that’s enough to get a 170-pound rider over 5 feet of elevation.

The Flybar 1200 also has extra-wide foot pads, with skateboard grip tape for stability and control. You’ll need that extra stability if you decide to do some backflips. Yep. I said backflips.


Check out this video of a pogo stick daredevil named Fred doing some tricks around his suburban neighborhood. His triple backflip is astonishing. The guy has some serious balls. He’s wearing a helmet, but one bad wipeout and he’d probably paralyze himself. So dangerous… but fun to watch.

If you like Fred’s backflips, then you’ll like this next video of Team Xpogo doing a series of Skateboarding / Freestyling hybrid tricks.

Get a Flybar 1200 and enjoy the view!

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