PoweriZers – the latest Extreme Sport

There is something about Powerizers that will make them seemingly irresistible to man or boy. Perhaps its that these shoe attachments can make you jump 2m (7ft) in the air allowing you to pull of all manner of tricks such as back flips. They?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ll allow you to leap 3m (10ft) for every stride and run at speeds of 20mph!

Powerizers have curved springs attached to the base, so when you press your feet downwards, the pressure of your weight creates gravitational energy. The springs push back to harness the energy, allowing you to jump to incredible heights and run with huge strides at amazing speeds.


However some tricks can seem daunting and may take a bit of experience with the Powerizer before the user is happy enough to try out the stunts. All users should wear sufficient crash protection and exercise extreme care when using them even when you are more experienced.

Powerizers retail for just under two hundred pounds which means that they are fairly accessible to the consumer. Powerizers come in a range of models designed for specific weights so make sure that you only purchase the Powerizers that match your weight.

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