Samsungs Killer Robots to help South Korea

Though Killer robots could be a potential threat to man?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s existence it is nonetheless an appealing idea for children, movie fans and governments across the planet. The South Korean government is working with Samsung to develop robotic guards to protect military bases and strategic sites.

Anyone who has seen the Terminator films would say that it was probably unwise to give robots weapons and while that is an option it is more likely that the robotic guards will utilise water cannons, rubber bullet guns and tear gas to ward off intruders.

It is also unclear if the robots will in fact take action after identifying intruders instead of just sounding the alarm and leaving hostile actions to their human counterparts.

South Korea is by no means the only country developing armed robots. The US government is developing a range of robots to assist its military efforts and police work such as the Packbot a device that can help troops to safely find and dismantle explosives.

Samsung Robot Guard

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