The Mac Mini Lexus.

Mac Mini LexusNot only has this guy got a Mac Mini, he’s got a Lexus. What better way to enjoy them both than to mount the Mini into the car.

For more info there is a short interview at

What parts did you use?
A Mac mini 1.42GHz and Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. I use the mouse on my armrest for those who want to know. Its big enough for what I need. A DVI to S-Video / Composite Converter, midi to (L) and (R) audio adapter by Monster, shielded Cables for both audio and video by Monster. Also installed a hub that has 4 USB 2.0 ports and 2 Firewire ports, the another USB hub in the back for the passengers, Have 2 Firewire cams and I am able to have up to 8 more for a total of 10, not that I think I will use nor do I need 10 but I still have that option. I have plenty of ports to plug whatever I want in, including my digital video camera, and my 60GB iPod photo.”

Thanks Mario for the tip on your nice little project.

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