The Sleeping Giants Awakes . . . Sony to Apple: Competing Against You is Our New Top Priority

On many levels Sony intends to starting taking proverbial swings at Apple and we think Sony is trying to punch Apple in the mouth this time. The rumor is that Sony is going to package a kindle type reader with a touch sensitive smartphone with the PS3 technology platform. Oh and perhaps most important is that Sony is really going to pay attention to DESIGN. In other words, Sony wants it to be beautiful to the eyes and appealing to the senses, does that sound a little like Apple’s core competency?

It is the focus on design that should scare Apple. Sony has a history of great technology development and making good ideas fit in a smaller package. They’ve been hurt on the design front recently and have suffered as Apple has risen. People like design, they intuitively enjoy simplicity and Apple has delivered that consistently over the last ten years or so (no, even Apple did not always do this well. Think about your Apple //c in the basement).

Sony is planning to hook everything together ala the PS3 network that they are already running online. This is a swipe at iTunes, no?

And YES, we know the below image more clearly depicts the epic battle of Apple vs. Microsoft, but Sony develops on the PC platform and we really like the graphic . . . so we ask you to kindly go with the flow.


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