Gizmodo Scoops New Iphone 4G

If you haven’t heard, Gizmodo indeed got an advanced version of the new iphone.  Evidently, someone from Apple accidentally left it in a bar.  Someone found it and offered it to Gizmodo . . . for a price — $5,000 USD. 

Supposedly, Gizmodo has earned over 10mm hits from this little purchase, so it is likely that they have recouped their investment many, many times over.  Well, in the spirit of sharing feel free to take a look for yourself.

We are very excited about the new iphone and hope that the new improvements really push the boundaries.  We are sure it will.  We’ll try to keep you updated with whatever we can find out that is intriguing in the new iphone 4.0.  Stay tuned . . .

iphone 4g

the new iphone 4g

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