Hey Blackberry . . . We are Eyeing the iPhone!

Accoding to Crowd Science nearly 40% of Blackberry users may move to Apple’s iPhone in the near future. Also troubling for Blackberrry is that a third of them would also consider switching to the Android operating system ala Google.  When asked specifically if they’d swap their present phone for Google’s new Android-based Nexus One, 32% of Blackberry users said “yes,” compared with just 9% of iPhone users.

Users of all types of smartphones had downloaded more free applications than paid ones during the preceding seven days, with iPhone users significantly more likely to pay for apps, Android users leading in free apps, and Blackbery users far behind on both fronts. Both Android users and iPhone users were found much more likely than Blackberry users to use their phones only for personal use (32%, 28% and 16% respectively). On the other hand, 7% of Blackberry users use their phone only for business, with that category of user minimal with iPhone (1%) and non-existent in the Android base.  iPhone users represented 17% of the respondents, followed by Blackberry users (15%), Nokia (10%), Windows Mobile (4%), Android (3%) and Palm (2%).

This is pretty interesting stuff and we thank the folks at Crowd Science for sharing it with us.  The implications for Blackberry are really huge.  It sounds like although they certainly had a first mover advantage, especially as a business device, that advantage is being massively challenged.  We think that Apple’s appeal to a certain aesthetic style and simplicity of use is what appeals to people. The integration of your music and the antipated launch of Apple’s iphone 4.0 in late Spring / early Summer (just around the corner) is driving some real interest in change as well.  Let the games begin (or continue) . . . 



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