Nokia’s New Phone Line.

Nokia Line Up

Nokia’s just holding a press conference at the 3GSM Conference in Cannes, and they’ve announced a batch of new handsets and related technology.

The Nokia 6101 is a clamshell camera phone, tri-band, built-in VGA camera, outside display to show incoming calls, time and date, and the new Xpress audio messaging, “which enables users to record and send a voice message to others over the GPRS network”, where the service is available.

The phone people have been waiting for from Nokia to compliment 3G services is the 6680 smart phone.

At the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, Nokia today introduced a new arrival to the 3G arena, the Nokia 6680 imaging smartphone. The new Nokia 6680 imaging smartphone is optimized for visual sharing, boasting two integrated cameras, a flash, and a bright screen of up to 262,144 colors. Designed for ease-of-use, the active slide covering the back camera of the Nokia 6680 provides fast and intuitive camera activation as well as effortless switching between cameras during a video call.

The 6681 is a smart phone that they seem to be pitching at the music lover as it includes the Loudeye support that we mentioned below.

Featuring an integrated music player and stereo audio output, the Nokia 6681 imaging smartphone incorporates a new music player application. A dedicated music icon launches the music player, and the new application provides for easy creation and management of playlists. In addition, when playing music, the user can directly change tracks, pause, and change the volume using the 5-way directional pad. Music collections can also be easily accessed through the options or back soft keys, and music files can conveniently be transferred via the Nokia PC Suite, or by using the MMC card reader (available in the sales package in selected markets). The Nokia 6681 also supports the mobile music solution for operators launched by Nokia and Loudeye earlier today.

We mentioned the Loudeye partnership in August last year, but today they announced more details about the service that will help opperators bring music to their mobile phone users. Hand in hand with this announcement they are also collaborating with Microsoft on digital media format support on Nokia handsets and Windows Media Player.

The mobile music service from Nokia and Loudeye is based on the OMA DRM and MPEG AAC standards and enables a wireless operator’s customers to search, listen, download and pay for music using an operator branded music application on their mobile device.¬† Windows Media Player is used for the PC component of the music solution, and wireless operators will be able to brand their music service when it is integrated into the Windows Media Player.

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    This tri-band phone works on both CDMA and GSM networks, and is based on the Symbian OS, which Nokia also calls the Series-60 Can you please leat us know the minmam we can buy can you please give us the prices by USD $ .
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  2. wanting to buy the nokia 6101. Could you tell me when it will be released in Qld, Australia.


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