RoadSnoop, Bluetooth For Your Tyres.

RoadSnoopblueserker discovered RoadSnoop, a product by Nokian Tyres, who incidentally come from the same company roots as Nokia in Finland. The RoadSnoop is a sensor professionally installed on the wheel using a high-grade stainless steel band. This means it can be attached to any tyre for any car. It then sends tyre pressure to a receiver via Bluetooth. The aim of the device is to signal when there are changes in tyre pressure which can help avoid dangerous situations. Different tyre pressure can also effect fuel usage and tyre wear, so over time the system can help save money.

The Australian dealer for RoadSnoop is Asterbrook, based in Brisbane. We contacted the owner, Mark Swan, who is more than happy to field any sales enquiries via email (found at RoadSnoop’s Dealer page). Currently the approximate price is about $AU450 for one car.

According to the RoadSnoop web site the goal of the technology is to have a Safety System that reports on road and weather conditions, tyre wear, and the pressure required for different loads. It looks like it’ll get the data via an onboard internet connection.

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