A Running Honda ASIMO Robot.

ASIMO Running

I’m sure if we were engineers at Honda working on the ASIMO robot project we’d be really spooked out by this guy running. Surely you’d have conversations with one. That or try and flip up the face plate to see who was in the suit.

Check out the video of one running at 3 km/h.

The combination of newly developed high-response hardware and the new Posture Control technology enables ASIMO to proactively bend or twist its torso to maintain its balance and prevent the problems of foot slippage and spinning in the air, which accompany movement at higher speeds. ASIMO is now capable of running at a speed of 3km/hour. In addition, walking speed has been increased from the previous 1.6 km/hour to 2.5 km/hour. 

Thanks to Scoble for the link.

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