More On The Lexus i-Car.


You might remember in February that we mentioned the Mac Mini Lexus or the i-Car. Well Mario, the owner has been gracious enough to update us with some new really cool photos. He’s made the modification even sweater!

I moved the Pioneer flip screen to the glove box and installed a custom touch screen. The USB 2.0 and Firewire Hub is now mounted below the dash. The Mac Mini in mounted in a custom fabricated arm rest with air vents that still is functional. I pushed it up so you can see how it looks like stock. The front shot that shows Flip Navigation screen up top, Touch screen in the dash. Pioneer flip screen in the glove box and of course the Mac Mini in the arm rest with plexiglas so you can see the Apple logo. Blue lights are also installed in the arm rest to light up the Apple Logo.

He also mounted a couple of webcams that can record video.

Check here for a whole bunch more images.

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