Robosapien, Not Just Bad Spam.

Robosapien V2Every geeks dream is to gain 10″, and here’s your chance. Wowwee, creator of the Robosapien has announced, at CES, the ever cleverly named Robosapien V2.

Robosapein V2 is fully controllable and programmable by remote control and fully autonomous in free-roam mode. He brings the fluid movement and biomechanical agility of Robosapien to a whole new level. Gaining a whopping 10” in height, Robosapien V2 now has full range of motion and the ability to pick up, drop and throw objects with his finely tuned precision hands. Advanced agility allows him to bend over and twist from side to side, so he can now sit, bend, lie down and stand up.

V1, if we can call him that, made a big splash in Australia, showing up on popular breakfast shows and on front row display at every toy shop. So there is no doubt we’ll see this one spring up early this year, for a little over $AU200.

Thanks for the link Richie.

Update : (January 8, 2005) Engadget has a video of the Robosapien and talk of a Robosapien pet, Robopet. We did point out how creative they are with naming yesterday,

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