Kind of Random, yet interesting . . . The Spy Ear

The video has the SPY EAR (Two-Way Communications System).  The Spy Ear is a complete two-way communications system enabling one to receive sounds or voices from a distant location up to 500ft away without any wires. We haven’t tested it and don’t know these guys; however, seemed potentially interesting to our audience.  Let us know if it is a go or no-go if you end up taking a look.  We like spy gadgets so are always out looking for a new one to show everyone.

Can anyone help out with some ideas for a gadget loving boss?

We were looking through some postings on other sites and found this one that we thought our readers might be able to help with.  Please give a post below that will trackback to her if you can help.  Why not give her a hand if you can think of anything that fits the bill . . .

Her Question Below:

I have an awesome boss who is leaving to relocate in Hawaii and I wanted to get him a small gift (under $20) and need some ideas. He loves gadgets but it would need to be functional as the Hawaii move is expensive and he isn’t going to take every little thing. He is a young 50-year old and also liked pens (that’s my fall back gift idea) I would love to hear any clever ideas or websites that I could check! Thanks in advance!

Interesting List of Why Japanese Gadget Gifts Are a Good Call

We found this list, agreed with it, and hence are sharing.  We have received Japanese gadgets before and are always very intrigued and happy with them.  Just make sure that they have the capability to work in your home country through an adaptor if you are in a place like the UK or the US. 

Are you searching for a unique gift idea for yourself or someone else that no one else will think of? If you are, then you need to know about a Japanese gift idea that is perfect for anyone.

That idea is Japanese gadgets. Everyone loves gadgets and there are so many various kinds to pick from.

Now that you know what the best idea is for any gift, you need to understand the reasons it makes a great gift. Here are the main reasons.

1. Unique – Not many people will ever think to give someone a gadget from Japan. Because it will be unlike anything they received from anyone else this is a gift that they will certainly remember.

2. Many to choose from – With these gadgets, there are so many different choices that it will not be hard to find the perfect gift for anyone you need one for. You definitely can’t go wrong with gadgets for gifts because everyone loves them and will always use them.

3. Convenience – When shopping for gifts from Japan, it makes a lot of sense to use the internet to purchase what you need. This means that you can shop at any time of the day or night, which makes it very convenient for you.

It is also convenient because what you purchase is shipped right to your home. This saves you time also because you don’t have to go out to get what is needed.

4. Smiles – When giving a gift, you always want to give something that the person will appreciate, use and be happy to get. With this gift idea, you definitely can’t go wrong and will definitely see a smile on the person’s face when they receive it from you. Making someone happy is always worth a unique idea for a gift.

5. Everything in one place – There are many sites that will allow you to purchase them all from one place when you shop online for these gadgets.

This makes it easy to save time searching the entire internet for what is needed. Since time is short for many people already, this is a good reason.

These are the main reasons why Japanese gadgets make the perfect Japanese gift idea for anyone, yourself included. If you want someone to remember your gift because it is unique, then you certainlt can’t go wrong using this idea, even if it is for yourself.

Gizmodo Scoops New Iphone 4G

If you haven’t heard, Gizmodo indeed got an advanced version of the new iphone.  Evidently, someone from Apple accidentally left it in a bar.  Someone found it and offered it to Gizmodo . . . for a price — $5,000 USD. 

Supposedly, Gizmodo has earned over 10mm hits from this little purchase, so it is likely that they have recouped their investment many, many times over.  Well, in the spirit of sharing feel free to take a look for yourself.

We are very excited about the new iphone and hope that the new improvements really push the boundaries.  We are sure it will.  We’ll try to keep you updated with whatever we can find out that is intriguing in the new iphone 4.0.  Stay tuned . . .

iphone 4g

the new iphone 4g

Can you make an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity With a Potato Gun?


Most people struggle to make money from affiliate marketing opportunities, even if they have a trusty potato gun.  Now this is not something that happens automatically, or overnight, but you can definitely make a fortune from affiliate marketing.  If you happen to have a potato gun, you can make money online with it.

Well, not with the actual potato gun, but you can make money selling ideas, and information about it.  This sounds weird, I know; however, there are people out there making money from selling information on how to build and create a potato gun.

He tests how it works, how far it shoots and materials to use for best performance etc.  He then links to various department stores through affiliate links, and also sells a product on how it works.

So how would you start your own online business? Would you sell information on how to make a potato gun, or would you maybe sell information on how to get rid of ants in your home? You can sell that too!

The way affiliate marketing works is simple. Somebody else creates a product or service and you simply drive visitors or traffic to that offer, and whenever somebody buys that product from your recommendation, you get paid. This sounds super simple, right?

Yeah, it does… But it’s not as easy as you might think. Over 99.99% of those that try affiliate marketing fail.   It is tough to do well and there is a lot of false information circling the internet about this topic.

There are a lot of “ebooks” from “experts” that doesn’t show you anything of value and they still want a lot of money to share this knowledge.  It is pretty simple, but takes a lot of trial and error as well as hard work to do affiliate marketing well.  We bring this up because we like potatoe guns and we like the idea of affiliate marketing.  Share you stories with us of how you’ve done affiliate marketing well and how those potato guns are coming along.

Drink Too Much? Don’t Worry, Robo Car will Drive You Home!

This article from Fast Company is pretty cool.  EN-V, which is short for Electric Networked-Vehicle, is a new concept vehicle from GM that will drive you home when you’ve had too much to drink.  Where do we get one?

It maintains the core principle of personal mobility as Fast Company put it -– freedom –- while helping remove the motor vehicle from the environmental debate and redefining design leadership. It is a two-seater and is all electric.  It came out of GM’s China Group and we’re very interested to see if/when it actually hits the market.  In the meantime, keep the cab company’s number close at hand, but keep your eye out for GM’s EN-V.


Google wants to BUILD your new TV!

Well, they at least are evidently going to start working with Sony and the rumor is Intel on a new TV that they want to act as an entertainment hub for your living room.  Here are gadgetlounge we think that makes a lot of sense.  We’ve had a pretty powerful computer hooked up to our living room tv for a quite awhile. 

Google TV or perhaps “G-TV” will use the Android OS and may have a set-top box and an actual TV.  In addition to regular tv, it will have lots of other functions that you would expect like Hulu, YouTube and other web-video sources, as well as games and apps for social networking.  Google is of course interested in order to add some advertising to your tv.  They own a few resources in that area so far, but this could serve as a big push.  Let’s see how Apple responds . . .




Hey Blackberry . . . We are Eyeing the iPhone!

Accoding to Crowd Science nearly 40% of Blackberry users may move to Apple’s iPhone in the near future. Also troubling for Blackberrry is that a third of them would also consider switching to the Android operating system ala Google.  When asked specifically if they’d swap their present phone for Google’s new Android-based Nexus One, 32% of Blackberry users said “yes,” compared with just 9% of iPhone users.

Users of all types of smartphones had downloaded more free applications than paid ones during the preceding seven days, with iPhone users significantly more likely to pay for apps, Android users leading in free apps, and Blackbery users far behind on both fronts. Both Android users and iPhone users were found much more likely than Blackberry users to use their phones only for personal use (32%, 28% and 16% respectively). On the other hand, 7% of Blackberry users use their phone only for business, with that category of user minimal with iPhone (1%) and non-existent in the Android base.  iPhone users represented 17% of the respondents, followed by Blackberry users (15%), Nokia (10%), Windows Mobile (4%), Android (3%) and Palm (2%).

This is pretty interesting stuff and we thank the folks at Crowd Science for sharing it with us.  The implications for Blackberry are really huge.  It sounds like although they certainly had a first mover advantage, especially as a business device, that advantage is being massively challenged.  We think that Apple’s appeal to a certain aesthetic style and simplicity of use is what appeals to people. The integration of your music and the antipated launch of Apple’s iphone 4.0 in late Spring / early Summer (just around the corner) is driving some real interest in change as well.  Let the games begin (or continue) . . . 



We Like the Exhibitors at CeBit Technology Show in Germany

So we keep closely apprized of developments in technology and the newest and coolest gadgets.  To do that, we review the highlights of the larger industry shows.  Well, when reviewing some of the photos from CeBit in Germany, we came to realize that they have a real knack for utilizing creativity and some great looking exhibitors at that show.  This is especially true if you like body paint.  While perhaps a bit racy in the United States, it is all perfectly okay and everything that should be covered is, by paint. 

In any case, we aren’t showing you any new gadgets in this post (we do love the flying alarm clock though) but we do indeed admire the CeBit way of showing off the newest high tech wares.  Here are a few shots for you to consider for yourself.






The Sleeping Giants Awakes . . . Sony to Apple: Competing Against You is Our New Top Priority

On many levels Sony intends to starting taking proverbial swings at Apple and we think Sony is trying to punch Apple in the mouth this time. The rumor is that Sony is going to package a kindle type reader with a touch sensitive smartphone with the PS3 technology platform. Oh and perhaps most important is that Sony is really going to pay attention to DESIGN. In other words, Sony wants it to be beautiful to the eyes and appealing to the senses, does that sound a little like Apple’s core competency?

It is the focus on design that should scare Apple. Sony has a history of great technology development and making good ideas fit in a smaller package. They’ve been hurt on the design front recently and have suffered as Apple has risen. People like design, they intuitively enjoy simplicity and Apple has delivered that consistently over the last ten years or so (no, even Apple did not always do this well. Think about your Apple //c in the basement).

Sony is planning to hook everything together ala the PS3 network that they are already running online. This is a swipe at iTunes, no?

And YES, we know the below image more clearly depicts the epic battle of Apple vs. Microsoft, but Sony develops on the PC platform and we really like the graphic . . . so we ask you to kindly go with the flow.


Flying Alarms Clocks!

This is pretty cool. These types of gadgets make great gifts because no one expects them at all. We really had not considered a flying alarm clock before this, but hey, anything is possible — clearly.

When it is time to rise and shine, you can not procrastinate with this little baby in the room. As the alarm goes off, it starts it propeller and takes off around the room. You must get up and chase it or you might be dived bombed at some point by the swirling copter. This is an innovative job by the folks over at GetDigital. We look forward to seeing their next creation . . .


Greener Gadgets Conference — Pretty Cool Gadgets to Gander Upon

The Greener Gadgets conference just took place in NYC this past week and popular mechanics was there to talk about the cool gadgets on display there. There is a pretty nifty solar tent from the U.K. and a whole array of other nifty gadgets.

One of the more popular items however is a human powered cell phone charger in India for people that are off the grid, as most of the country is in fact. Ahh, the global attitudes towards the United States are sometimes amazing to the guys at gadgetlounge when, for example, in this instance, the United States invented cell phones. As far back as 1907 there was a U.S. patent involving radio transmissions on telephone calls, later better perfected by the venerable Bell Labs in the 1940′s. In fact the most powerful support for the growth in “emerging markets” or “third world countries” is cheap communications provided by cell phones.

What are some of the other ones? The internet, the personal computer . . . those are pretty big ones as well. Ahh yes, they were also originated by U.S. technology and know-how. Also, known as good ole Yankee Ingenuity. Bell Labs is a shell of its former self, given the break up of the Ma Bell and its monopoly, but wow did they create some amazing things. They’ve still got some funding, but it isn’t what it used to be. DARPA is a U.S. government entity that has pushed the envelope a lot as well. In any case, this is a total sidebar from the Greener Gadgets Conference, but sometimes we like to bring up the macro picture that people forget or never knew.


Tsunami Warning for Hawaii and the Technology Behind It

A massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile today and therefore a tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii, Polynesia and Tonga, with the first potential waves reaching Hawaii around 11:30 AM local time in Hawaii — 4:30PM eastern time.

Tsunamis are triggered by undersea earthquakes. A research team led by Geoffrey Blewitt of the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and Seismological Laboratory has demonstrated that a large quake’s true size can be determined within 15 minutes using Global Positioning System (GPS) data. This swift exchange of information is critical to determine if an earthquake might trigger a tsunami. Together with a seismometer and ocean buoy data, GPS is an important tool in improving tsunami danger assessments, Blewitt said. “The advantage of including GPS in warning systems is that it quickly tells how much the ocean floor moved, and that information can directly set tsunami models into motion.”

Let’s sincerely hope that Hawaii and other areas in harm’s way avoid the tsunami. The improved tsunami detection technology sure will help with getting people out of harm’s way though in the future. Thanks to the researchers at Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and Seismological Laboratory to working on making our systems even better. Below is an illustrative view of how tsunamis work.


Celebrities are Digging the Bloom Box . . . Ugh Oh!

The new highly touted bloom box is a very interesting device indeed. It lends the promise of going off the grid someday even in your home. The likes of Ebay have already used it successfully and evidently are saving about 15% in electrical costs at their HQ so far (a savings of around $100k USD). We will see how everything develops and we certainly wish them the best. However, the early sign of celebrity endorsers is never good news in the world of high technology. We hope the bloom box will represent something different however. It sure will be great if it does . . .


HTC Pulse Mini In Your Face (or is that your hand?)

HTC and T-Mobile UK have scaled down their android phone to make it a wee bit smaller and get it in everyone’s hot little hands.

The comparison between the larger HTC Pulse and the new HTC Pulse Mini is as follows:

A 2.8″ Screen – as opposed to of 3.5″
HSPDA 3.2 – as opposed to 7.2
Android 2.1 – as opposed to 1.5
Also includes a 3.15MP Camera, Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS

The smaller size also comes with everyone’s favorite, a lesser price. It sells for about 100 Pounds (that’s around $150 US Bones). Android is a very cool system. I think bringing down the price will further put it in competition with the iphone. Now, will the apple iphone be offered on other carriers with its next version? I know a lot of folks in the U.S. hope so — rumors of Verizon and T-mobile getting the iphone are popping up, but that is of course, just rumor. Apple has a way of surprising everyone with its changes. In the meantime, take a look at the new t-mobile HTC Pulse Mini. Pretty cool.