How to make a Potato Gun . . . Shoot Farther!

So several years ago, we were one of the first to talk about the phenomenon of making a coke and mentos rocket. That has gone on for it to become a pretty big part of pop culture — or at least to the point that many people have at least heard that combining the two creates quite a fizz (Willy Wonka might be interested for his Fizzy Lifting Drinks Version 2.0). In any case, we decided to check in on one of our other favorite toys, the potato gun. We were delighted to find that there is scientific research being conducted right now in North America (Canada of all places!) to find out the best propellant to fire your potato gun the farthest.

And the Winner is . . . Finesse Hairspray! Finesse beat out Pantene Hair Spray, Right Guard and Good Ole Ether (no breathing it in). I always liked Aqua Net Hairspray, but that wasn’t tested. Perhaps a re-match? Is someone can test Aqua Net Hairspray against Finesse Hairspray in their potato gun and post their results here, we would be forever indebted. In any case, you can check out the article and the experiment from the Pigeon Lake School in Alberta here. Have fun with your potato guns or spud guns or whatever they’re being called today (mine was first crafted maybe 8 years ago and has become inoperable unfortunately).


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2 thoughts on “How to make a Potato Gun . . . Shoot Farther!

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  2. I feel, in the interest of expediency, replace the threaded plug and its adapter, as the ignition chamber breach, with a cam levered locking and grooved plug. “BANJO” or “CAMLOK” are branded names for these fittings.

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