The FreeLoader charges your gadgets

The FreeLoader charger from Solar Technology is a gadget that can charge your other gadgets harnessing solar energy. It can charge a whole host of gadgets such as iPods, digital cameras and mobile phones.

The FreeLoader is also good for the environment as it uses a renewable nergy source and it can save money on your energy bills which is a big plus. Its also incredibly useful if you find yourself away from a USB socket or power point.

The FreeLoader can charge your gadgets and its internal battery at the same time and holds its battery charge for up to three months. It requires daylight and not direct sunlight so it will work even on cloudy days.

The FreeLoader will cost ?Ǭ£39.99 and is available from March 1st. It will retail in the US for about $60, available through Solar Technology’s eBay store.


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2 thoughts on “The FreeLoader charges your gadgets

  1. Hi Andy,
    Just to let you know that these units are shipping RIGHT NOW (I got one shipped today) and the retail has actually been set at ?Ǭ£29.99 (at least that’s the price when ordered directly from their website)

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