Microsoft’s Media Center Set For October Release.

Microsoft Media CentreAccording to Digital Connect News, Microsoft will release Media Centre in October this year, with a program guide. It’s been fairly obvious for some time that Microsoft have been in talks with providers of TV guide data in Australia. With the recent OzTiVo debacle and a few discussions that Gadget Lounge has had with content providers it is certain that the negotiations have been happening thick and fast. DCN’s article mainly discusses the support of the hardware vendors, which there is no doubt about. Who isn’t going to want to be a part of the the convergence. It remains to be seen though if Microsoft’s program guide will include all of Australia’s networks, and how that will integrate or compete with Foxtel’s new set top box come PVR from NDS, when released next year. In the mean time we can all ogle Amazon’s info or Microsoft details.

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