1984 Apple LISA Demo

Want a good laugh? This video clip from a local cable show has a rare demonstration of Apple’s 1984 Lisa computer as well as some sexy 1980s hair styles. In the video, some guy named Alfred takes the $10,000 Lisa computer for a test drive. Yep the Lisa sold for $10,000. Pretty expensive for a clunky word processor. In case you are wondering, the Lisa would cost about $19,500 in 2006 dollars. Another funny thing about the video is the TV host. For some reason she talks like a robot. She’s also wearing a pair of over-sized 1980s eye glasses that probably have more glass than an automobile windshield.

Warning: There is a very long 5 minute introduction before the Lisa demo clip. Alfred, the guy giving the demonstration in the video, is now a YouTube director and loves to suck up to his subscribers. He also apologizes for his 1984 haircut, suit and a recent nose surgery. But once the actual demonstration clip starts to play, you will probably enjoy it.

If you pay close attention, you will see the cursor switch to the hour glass quite a lot. Every time Alfred opens a window or document, he has to wait several moments for the Lisa to catch up. Good thing he’s such a good talker and can fill the time blabbing with the robotic female host. You can see the video here.

Highlights of the Lisa demo include such state-of-the-art innovations as the floppy disk, digital clock, calculator, graphical user interface, icons, pull down menus, and a rodent input device called ‘a mouse’.

If you want to copy this video off of YouTube and save it on your hard drive, then check out this tutorial: Copy Videos Off YouTube. Enjoy!

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